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Out of Service Criteria for Tow Trucks.
These are currently being used by DPS.

AZ DPS Tow Truck

Out-of-Service Criteria

The purpose of this list is to identify critical tow truck inspections items and provide criteria for placing tow trucks Out-of-Service subsequent to a safety inspection.

These criteria are neither suited nor intended to serve as vehicle maintenance or performance standards.

1. Beacon: Both warning lamps missing or inoperative.

2. Load Securement: All required load securement devices missing or defective.

3. Portable Lamps (drag lights): Not in compliance with ARS §§ 28-925(A), 28-927 or 28-939, if a portable lamp is required.

4. Tires Tread: Any steering axle tire with less than 4/32 inch tread depth in one major tread groove, or any other tire with less than 2/32 inch tread depth, and for a dual wheel axle, both tires on the same side with less than 2/32 inch tread depth.

5. Tires: Any flat tire or tire with cord exposed by cut or wear.

6. Boom, flatbed, wheel-lift, under-lift, tow plate, tow bar, or tow sling: Any component exhibiting wear in excess of manufacturer standards at any pivot point or any crack in a structural component.

7. Wire Rope: Any wire rope that has:

a. a kink

b. bird caging

c. a knot

d. crushed more than 33% if original diameter

e. core protruded along the length of the rope

f. more than 11 broken wires in six diameters of length

g. more than three broken wires in any one strand

h. more than two broken wires at the end connection or fitting.

8. Truck Components: Truck components not maintained within manufacturer’s standards (including but not limited to items such as steering, suspension, frame, wheels, brakes and exhaust).

9. Repair Order: Operate with a deficiency that has been noted on an inspection report after the timeframe available to correct the deficiency has elapsed (5 days).