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A bit of history--industry members interested in improving the state of the industry gathered on June 19, 2003 at the association’s annual membership meeting.  The group had been somewhat dormant and, in light of urgent issues facing the industry, decided to hire professional staff and work together to take the association to the next level.

The association’s immediate goals were and continue to be membership growth and legislative advocacy.  With the strength and credibility that is gained by a solid membership base, it was believed the association would achieve its overall goals and objectives.  The association grew from 2 members to over 50.  Faced with ongoing over-regulation by the state, specifically Department of Public Safety, we worked effectively with DPS for nearly two years to create and implement fair rules and regulations, something that would have been impossible without the APTRA and its members.  APTRA must maintain a strong organization to be able to work with industry regulators rather than in defense of them, which has been the situation in the past.  Additionally, without a strong, cohesive membership base, the association has very limited ability to fight the forces that have conflicting interests.

APTRA realizes that support of the organization through membership is a significant investment; however, the organization is committed to make every member’s trust and investment worthwhile. Please consider joining the current members and the association in an effort to move the towing industry in Arizona forward.