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Membership Applications - Associate - Regular - Tow Team Member

Benefits of Association Membership

  • Legislative advocacy at both local and state government levels, intended to protect and promote the towing industry. Although not necessarily a tangible benefit, this may be the most important benefit to members.
  • Member education and driver training. National driver certification testing. Education topics to include: safety, equipment, management, regulations, pending and current legislation and industry practices
  • Strengthening of working relationships with the Department of Public Safety, Department of Transportation and Motor Vehicle Division to ensure the safe and efficient clearance of the state’s transportation system.
  • Networking opportunities through periodic meetings and social events.
  • Weekly email blasts
  • Membership decals, certificates/plaques and patches to display affiliation with professional organization.
  • Listing in website membership directory
  • Programs that benefit our members: Michelin, Tow Partners, BA Products, BNC Finance, Santander, American Alliance Drug Testing, NXGEN Credit Card Processing

Consider becoming an Associate Member

  • 3 Levels of Associate Membership - Bronze, Silver, or Gold
  • Website Listing
  • Networking opportunities through periodic meetings and social events.
  • Newsletters Exposure.
  • SILVER level includes the above with Banner Website Advertising.
  • GOLD Level includes all this plus a scheduled 15 minute direct presentation to members at one of our meetings.

Membership Application - Click here for PDF form or Click here for Fillable PDF form also Click here for AutoPay Option


Won’t you join the growing list of APTRA members in support of your livelihood—the towing industry?